Oh To Be a Kid Again

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On Sunday we all went for a walk on the trails behind our house.  As the kids zipped around on their scooters,  I couldn’t help but think, “Oh To Be a Kid Again”.  As we reached the end of the trail the kids stopped and buried their scooters in the dirt (the husband was not so happy about that one, OOPS!).   They seemed so content (well, for about 5 minutes until the fighting started) as the wind blew on their little faces and they busied themselves doing “the job” as they called it.  I sat down on the trail next to them, enjoying the cool breeze and the stillness around us.  I wished I could feel as carefree as they did.  But is it wrong to feel that yes, maybe I could have been be apart of their “carefreeness”?  I must be doing something right! Perhaps I’m not screwing them up with all my twisted, guinea pig parenting?  These are the moments when I feel all my anxieties of being a bad parent actually lighten a bit.  I remember what it is like to be a kid again and try to relax and enjoy my kiddos.

Enjoy your freebie!  If you need help on how to extract files after you download a file, click here.   I am adding more product to the SuLu Store and tutorials here on the blog all the time!  Make sure to check back or follow me on facebook, instagram, or twitter for updates. Thanks for being awesome!


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